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Jem 'M' cel
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Added 12/30/2009
Updated 4/3/2010
Ah, the piece de resistance of my cel collection! The infamous M cel ^_^ I bought this cel from head Jem producer Roger Slifer. It shows Jem and Jerrica in their pre-production stage back when Jem was named M and Jerrica was Morgan (I've also heard Misty was a possibility?) However Hasbro learned they couldn't trademark a letter and changed M to Jem, which I prefer anyway! ^_^

The Holograms are wearing outfits that remained pretty much unchanged when they hit production but get a load of Jem and Jerrica's outfits. Jerrica's appears in the series minus the dress underneath. I prefer this prototype outfit much more. Jem's however...hmm. I dunno about that huge red leaf looking think smack dab in the middle of her dress. I do love the matching 'M' belts!

Included below is a history of the 'M' cel written up for me by Roger. Thank you!

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